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Helping schools build better students

Schooltek is an online platform that improves the schools' processes and communication with parents, in order to achieve better results and children´s performance. It is easy to use and offers benefits and features for the school´s community.

Unified communication

Schooltek helps schools to simplify daily activities in their administrative processes and improve the communication with parents and students.

Institutional and Academic Information

Keeps parents and students informed of the main school´s academic information, like grades, tasks, assistance, calendar, as well as school many institutional information.

Messages and Alerts

Send messages to parents and students about relevant issues in their school.

Control statistics

Monitors the performance of your school´s activities from our statistics´ screens and gets reports to improve your internal processes.

Time and resources optimization

Schooltek helps schools simplify their daily activities within their administrative processes, reducing time and resources.


Schooltek uses the simplest and the easiest way to generate the school´s tuition´s Billing.

Parents and students better connected with schools

With Schooltek, parents are aware of their children's academic history, thus supporting them in order to improve their school´s performance.

Institutional Information

The institutional panel displays information as Mission, Vision, Values, Rules and Directory.

Messages and Alerts

Parents and students receive messages with relevant school issues.


Receive and download files with assigned tasks and display the delivery date.


Stay informed of students missing classes.


Schooltek, informs parents in real-time of their children´s grades


Schooltek synchronizes the official school´s calendar with your phone as well as confirming attendance or non-attendance at school´s events.

Parents connected, better students

Schooltek. The most innovative solution for schools